Celebrities who have served prison time

Lindsay Lohan

Dolts don’t rehash their imprudence, yet this doesn’t matter to Lindsay Lohan. The Mean Girls entertainer carried out various jail punishments for driving while inebriated and for disregarding probation. In 2007 she was detained for 60 minutes, in 2010 she served fourteen days, and in 2011 she was detained for a month. In 2011 she was additionally condemned to a month of house capture.

Michelle Rodriguez

In the Fast and Furious film, entertainer Michelle Rodriguez’s character was an expert vehicle driver, yet in her own life, she didn’t appear to have as much control of the wheel. In the wake of being found flushed driving and disregarding probation, she was condemned to a half year in jail. She was delivered after only 18 days because of overcapacity in the jail she was at.

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